Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where there's smoke...

My children finally allowed me to get rid of our 10 year old swingset structure.  It had become home to wood bees and was starting to show signs of rot so it really wasn't a huge draw anymore but they were uncharacteristically sentimental when I suggested donating it.  The oldest (sure to become a lawyer or lobbyist) started the bargaining.  "If we let you get rid of it can we put in an airsoft shooting range?"
Um.... no.  I returned to the table with a fire pit and we struck a deal.
I know fire pits can be a hot topic of debate.  Some love the idea of a warm gathering spot to use through the seasons like Jamie and Lee, and some really don't like it them at all 

Untitled by jamie meares

So on Monday we had this

and today we had come this far, the unfortunately stalled by rain

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and I can show you more progress... 


  1. We have one and our kids love it! I think yours will be fabulous

  2. Stopped by to say thanks so much for the comment and kind words, thanks for sharing in our joy!!!!

    And if you ever DO go with the airsoft shooting range ~ let me know, my boys would LOVE!!!! lol


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