Friday, September 7, 2012

summer photo dump

I was lucky to have a dear friend vacationing in Rosemary Beach invite me to join her for a few days (along with ALL of my children, she is a Saint), and her equally saintly husband watched the boys while we escaped for a girlie lunch at George's in Alys Beach then a tour of this crazy good slice of amazing.  I just wish I could revel in the beauty without becoming a smidge bitter that my house doesn't look like this:

Of course I had to find a few things to be 'inspired' by....

and I chose these pendants.... (apparently I'm not alone as Paloma dedicated a whole post HERE)
I wanted one for over my 'new' table and chairs in our little beach breakfast nook.  
However, at over $1k it was not going to happen (that is more than my budget for the WHOLE space), wall decor, chairs, table, fabric, and lighting.

So I've been shopping, scouring the inter webs, and playing lotto.

Tune in tomorrow to see what I found!

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